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Putting The Community First

An independent, collaborative and thoughtful voice who will listen to you.

Vision and Solutions for our City
1. More Affordable Housing
Even with the densification surge in the City of North Vancouver, people who work here cannot
afford to live here and commute daily, contributing to pollution, parking issues, local traffic issues,
commercial goods transportation delays, and higher costs of doing business. We all know
residents who have left or are considering leaving because of housing unaffordability which is
why we are in a fight for the soul of our community, and we must act.
I will work to:
  • ​​Increase and prioritize housing for people who work here or live here
  • Guarantee affordable rents for renters displaced due to new development
2. More Transit, Less Traffic
I will be a strong advocate for getting our fair share of transit & transportation funding from all levels of government, and will:
  • Advocate for more SeaBus and bus services
  • Support Bus Rapid Transit and push for SkyTrain
  • Ensure cyclists, pedestrians and drivers can share the road safely
3. Livability Improvements
I will be an independent voice, who will frequently interact with you to understand your needs.
I will work to:
  • Increase the number of walk-in clinics, doctors’ offices & senior care facilities
  • Install more bus shelters to protect users from worsening climate
  • Improve accessibility services for seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Plant more urban trees and protect old healthy trees
  • Reduce all forms of waste including waste from large businesses
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