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It was the summer of 1984. The buses were on strike and I had no other way than hitch-hike to get around. A stranger from North Vancouver in a convertible gave me a ride one day. Once he understood that I was struggling as a newcomer to find work and get education, he gave me his card and invited me to visit him at his workplace. He turned out to be the dean of admissions at Douglas College and he offered me a college admission and a job at the college library.

The above is one of many examples of how Canadians in general and North Vancouverites in particular have shaped my values and my career. I would like to give back to the community that has given me so much by utilizing my relevant  ecperience in project planning, management and business case analysis. Over thirteen years of public service—volunteering in North Vancouver—is a testament to my gratitude and commitment to this community.

As a resident of North Vancouver for over 30 years, with my daughter Noosha attending Carson Graham Secondary School, I understand the many challenges facing our community including; traffic, affordability and public spaces. My desire is to help build a vibrant, liveable, and affordable city for future generations.

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