Cheering Crowd


I was honoured to meet Mr. Shervin Shahriari for the first time in person. I soon found out about his very impressive career in senior management roles and his deep understanding of urban management systems, and his relevant education. These qualifications will make him a worthy city councillor and will ultimately benefit the community. If you have not met him yet so far, I am sure that you will agree with me in the first encounter.


Dr. Masoud Esmailzadeh, President of LifeCare Medical, Former President of Tri-City Iranian Cultural Society, President of Hafez Literature Club

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I am very pleased to support Shervin Shahriari as a candidate for North Vancouver City Council.
I had the pleasure of serving with Shervin on the North Vancouver Museum and Archives Commission and on the North Vancouver City Library, which he chaired most effectively.
Of all the new candidates, I believe Shervin tops the list. He is ready to grapple with the challenging issues facing our community. His professional qualifications and experience as a Project Manager with an MBA and currently a member of the Faculty of the Langara College School of Management will serve the new city council well.
In his video presentation, Shervin tells the story of his relationship with the city he calls home. It is a story that many in our community can relate to and all can admire. It provides insight into what is motivating Shervin to run for public office. He is articulate, thoughtful, curious and committed to making the City of North Vancouver truly sustainable, livable and affordable for the next generation.
After four terms as a city councillor, I can say with confidence that Shervin is ready to do the job from day one.
Please, give him your vote of confidence in the 2018 election.

Pam Bookham, Councillor

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I would strongly recommend Shervin for our City of North Vancouver Council.

Having met Shervin, heard him present, seen how he interacts with people and talked to him about specific issues, I can see that he is the kind of person we need to represent us and who will listen to the Community.

As a person who has spoken at many Public Hearings over the last ten years, I am very discouraged with the voices from our Community being totally ignored. I have spoken about over-development, the OCP being ignored, and presented petitions with as many as 1,000 signatures. The suggestions and messages have been completely ignored.

I am confident that Shervin is a person who listens to others and who will not ignore the Community when we bring forth our ideas.  Shervin has excellent background and experience in project management and economics. He has chaired the Library Board among other positions he has held – all make him well qualified to make a difference on Council.

Please vote for Shervin Shahriari!


Linda Heese, Long-time CNV Resident


Shervin Shahriari was the Chair of the North Vancouver Library Board of Trustees for my first four years on the Board. Under his leadership, the trustees worked well together, united by a sense of common purpose. He was always positive, diplomatic, thoughtful and collaborative, but unafraid to make tough decisions and take bold steps when needed. I believe that his personal qualities, relevant experience,  and his unique knowledge of our city and the challenges it faces  will make him an invaluable asset to our City Council. I do not hesitate to endorse his candidacy.


Stephen Smith, Chair, North Vancouver City Library Board of Trustees.

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It is a great pleasure to endorse Shervin Shahriari as a candidate for North Vancouver City Council.


He has very impressive professional credentials as a Project Management Professional with an Executive MBA currently serving on the Faculty of the Langara College School of Management.

Even more impressive, in my view, is his record of service to his community, as a former Chair of the City Library Board and as Commissioner and Chair of the North Vancouver Museum and Archives Commission. It was on that Commission that I first met him and saw him in action. He was always a thoughtful and positive contributor to the discussions and had a very evident capacity to grasp and understand complex issues. I saw then what I know others have witnessed in other settings; he has a positive attitude, a collaborative style, and is determined to see things through and move them forward. His book , published in 2009, North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Neighbourhood is a fine example of his determination to see North Vancouver’s special character preserved while carefully managing our future. I like his ideas on alleviating traffic congestion, on affordable housing and on the need for quiet spaces in our high density neighbourhoods. He is deeply committed to the city’s welfare and has deep roots here, having lived in North Vancouver for 30 years and with a daughter at Carson Graham.

I urge you to learn more about him and about his ideas. Vote Shervin for City Council. He would make an excellent addition to our City Council.


Robert D. Watt,


Former Citizenship Judge and first Chief Herald of Canada, North Shore resident since 1953, City of North Vancouver resident since 2009, grandson of City pioneers Jack and Isabel Watt  who settled in Central Lonsdale in 1910.